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We are a boutique consultancy firm specialising in advising small and medium sized companies in distress.

You're a business person.


You and your colleagues have made a living for yourselves by taking risks and building a venture together.


However, business conditions have changed. You know what you need to do to keep competing, but your debt levels are stopping you from being able to pursue that new strategy.


The pressure is starting to rise. Where can you turn for help?


At Greatworth, we believe the solution is you.


From many years of working with distressed businesses we have learnt that sustainable, long term change must come from within. We have therefore developed a suite of corporate turnaround training modules that empowers your people with the right financial, operations and risk skills to enable them to deliver their own effective solutions over and over again.


Call us now on 9896 9000 to discuss how our range of executive turnaround training programs can equip your people to turn your business around.


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