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What We Do

Most business managers are used to experiencing growth and delivering positive returns to shareholders. This makes it all the more distressing when an organisation's performance and outlook turns. Whether it be from margin erosion, liquidity constraints, operational breakdowns or simpy increased competition, the value of your business is at risk.


The team at Greatworth are experts in preserving the worth of your business and can quickly come alongside your management team to provide the support, analysis and clarity needed to help them make the right decisions for the company's future.


Their tailored solution will focus on:

  • Stabilising performance;

  • Measuring liquidity, working capital requirements and bringing cashflow under control; 

  • Performing a comprehensive analysis of the situation and financial position;

  • Assessing and advising on the most effective turnaround options; 

  • Documenting an action plan; and then,

  • Standing with you to execute the plan.

Business Worth Preservation Strategies

In stressed or distressed situations, early options/contingency planning exercises ensure a quick assessment of the situation in order to explore the options available.  A robust understanding of the issues will help to avoid the risk of value impairment from an unplanned insolvency or forced sale situation. Our specialist, senior advisors are deployed at short notice, as early intervention offers the best opportunity for all stakeholders to retain and maximise value.


Working Capital Optimisation

Market conditions remain challenging for many sectors of the Australian economy. In response to these conditions, responsible management teams will have considered cost reduction and working capital initiatives. Cash remains a scarce resource to many businesses, and so ensuring that working capital management operates efficiently to free up cash for alternative uses has never been more important.


Operations Advisory

To grow and improve profitability, organisations need to focus, evolve and adapt in the face of a complex and changing environment. We help our clients focus on improving business efficiency, making the best use of their assets, inventory and resources. We know it is important to work alongside both senior executives and first-line operations teams, to provide assurance on existing initiatives or to quickly prioritise key challenges and implement operational improvements. We help our clients react with agility to implement operational improvements that significantly enhance business performance and ultimately cash flow.  Our highly successful hypothesis based approach, focuses attention on delivering benefit without a costly review of every operational aspect.


Acquisition and Divestment Strategies

When buying and selling troubled businesses, there are a number of challenging financial, legal and operational complexities which must be managed under considerable time pressures. In circumstances of acute financial stress or distress, an effective accelerated corporate disposal process can realise value for stakeholders without further disruption to the business. Our best practice processes have been developed to prevent unplanned business failure or insolvency where stakeholder value is significantly impaired or destroyed. We work closely with stakeholders to implement robust, quick and effective disposal strategies that enhance potential value.


Debt and Finance Advice

The banking landscape is undergoing a significant period of change, with traditional funders taking a more conservative, risk based approach to working capital facilities. we can provide analysis and recommendations on how to maximise the current lending facilities, make recommendations on the suitability of alternative lending facilities, such as asset based lenders and assist clients to make their funding applications.


Industry Specialisations
  • Retail

  • Wholesale

  • ​Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Hospitality

  • Professional Services  

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